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Mara Garofalo established her own consultancy, M.L.G. sprl, in Brussels in early 2006. She now specializes in executive coaching, management training, leadership development, and team coaching and has clients based throughout Europe. 


Mara is of Italian origin, was raised in Argentina and Peru, and has lived in France, Egypt, and Peru and has been living in Belgium for almost 20 years. She works in Italian, Spanish, French and English, as well as a passive knowledge of Portuguese, and her diverse background and work experience provides her with great insight into cross-cultural understanding and communication. 


Mara has been working as an executive coach and facilitator for several years. She is affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL – Brussels) as Associate Coach, where she serves as one of the key coaches in their Spanish team interpreting psychometric instruments and providing feedback coaching. She has been working with CCL since 1998, and has been assigned by them to work with clients in Mexico, the United States and throughout Europe. Furthermore, she is accredited as a Coach for the European institutions currently training, facilitating and coaching individuals and teams through collaboration with TEA-CEGOS and EFE. In addition, she has now started getting involved in virtual training and coaching of virtual teams through platforms such as Webex.


Her professional experience comprises understanding of academic, non-profit and results driven organizations. She has a strong belief that self-awareness and developing self-confidence are crucial in leadership development and enfolds this philosophy into her activities. She has knowledge and experience of the problems executives face in their daily dealings and maintains a pragmatic and realistic approach on how to go about interpersonal or management issues. Mara is certified in the use and application of a variety of psychometric instruments which she uses in her practice when necessary and relevant.


Mara has obtained her Psychology degree in Paris and her Masters in Brussels.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English,

Italian and French


BASED IN: Bruselas



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step I and II)


Californian Psychological Inventory (CPI 260)

Benchmarks & CCL Assesment Suite

Conflict Dynamics Profile

Matrix 360


Voices Architect Suite

Hay 360

Cultural Orientations Framework

Solution Focused Coaching

Belbin Team Roles

Workplace Big 5


The Attentional & Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS) 

Index for Emotional Intelligence

Team Diagnostics

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